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We are a family with estates in the Douro Valley for several generations. Our farming cultures are the typical ones of the region:

wine, olive oil and almond. In order to make our estates and work more profitable, in 2014 we started to market our products directly. Therefore we created the brand Casa da Caldeira.



The name of our brand comes from one of our properties, Quinta da Caldeira, which will be available for tourism in the Summer of 2019. This name “Caldeira” was the name of anancestor of us and owner of the estate - José Saraiva da Caldeira Miranda, Conde de Almendra.

We are a environmentally friendly company. This care can be seen in our agricultural production: our olive growing is organic and our viticulture is anintegrated production. We care about working for asustainable agriculture and a sustainable tourism.

It is our mission to achieve our goals, satisfying our clients with the best quality of our products. This will make our estate more profitable and valuable as well as our region.

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