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The Douro Valley is a 26.000 hectar area situated in the Northeast of Portugal, where our county Vila Nova de Foz Côa is included. It was the first wine region in the world to be officilally demarcated by the Marquis of Pombal  and it is mostly well-known for producing one of the most famous worldwide wines - Port wine.

The Douro is known for having a terroir, which means a region with extremly singular physicochemical and cultural properties.This gives the region a unique and outstanding status.

Due to its climatic, cultural and land singular features, in 2001, it was foi classified as a World Heritage by the UNESCO in the category of cultural landscape.

The rock engravings of Côa Valley are also another reference: according to experts, that was the place of the biggest outdoor Palaeolithic museum in the world. For this reason, the UNESCO also classified the Côa Valley Archaeological Park as a World Heritage.


The Côa engravings and the Douro stunning landscape in the same place are a unique case, which allows us to say with great pride -“FOZ CÔA, A COUNTY – TWO WORLD HERITAGES”.

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